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Sharon created an online network for her local community in 2000. In 2003, she expanded into other communities and today it is known as myNeighborsNetwork.com, currently serving the Northern Virginia area.

Before running her own companies, Sharon taught 8th grade English in Northern Virginia. She spent a few years working in a Hallmark card store as well (where she probably spent more money than she earned, but she did learn how to giftwrap!).

Sharon lives in the Northern Virginia area with her husband and four Cavalier King Charles dogs.

Her passions include writing and educating the public about Lyme disease (proper diagnosis and treatment). Her first book about Lyme Disease is now available. In 2017 Sharon also released a companion journal workbook The Best Part of My Day.

Her interests are reading, needlepoint and knitting.

Please feel free to connect with Sharon on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or on Twitter.