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Making a Pearl from the Grit of Life allows us to follow Sharon Rainey on a very private path of early trauma. It leads us through depths of the human spirit – depths we come to recognize as very much like our own – and, through hard-won lessons, emerge onto a higher place of inner strength and happiness.

Along the way we learn, via Sharon’s example, how to take the inner steps that lead to peace, contentment, and successful living.

We learn how to:
-See life from a new, higher perspective
-Live in the solution instead of the problem
-Practice compassion for people who err… including ourselves
-Hold on in hope, when we see only darkness and despair
-Allow laughter to lift our spirit
-Connect to a “community of spirit,” with a life rich in deeper friendships
-Trust in a power greater than ourselves
-Center ourselves in meditation and prayer
-Stay rooted in the everyday joys of home life.

"Through each crisis in my life, with acceptance and hope, in a single defining moment, I finally gained the courage to do things differently. I leapt toward faith, stepping into the unknown. I developed a willingness that was previously absent, non-existent. I learned if I didn’t have the willingness, I could also pray for the willingness to be willing." (pages 81-82)

"Any pain, any grain of sand I carry today will someday become a pearl. I just have to keep coating it. My Aha! moments include, in some form or another, my faith, family and friends as the answer, creating the precious pearls now adorning my neck and the nacre I use to create this beautiful strand of treasured gems." (page 110)

"I found my pearls in a place where billions of grains of sand are found; in a place that most people consider desolate and unforgiving. My journey ended exactly where it had begun: in the desert." (page 126)

"It is the chronicling of a journey - a map - for others to be able to get through abuse or depression - to know it is possible to get to the other side. Sharon points a light to the path of healing. There are people who need to see that lighted path; otherwise, they may never have the courage to begin their own journey to healing."
-Tonia Vaughn

"Sharon’s writing is so evocative; I wanted to hold that little girl and envelope her. Authentic, transparent, filled with integrity"
-Mary Bush

"Sharon’s story is powerful. Authenticity, transparency, integrity — very brave."
-Mary Bush

"Everyone has interesting, amazing, stories; but they very rarely share them in the way that Sharon has. Sharon’s book is proof that even through tumultuous times nothing is insurmountable; anything can be a valuable learning lesson if we allow it to be one."
-Aranya Tomseth