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Lyme Savvy: Treatment Insights for Patients and Practitioners by Sharon E. Rainey and Dr. B. Robert Mozayeni. A one-of-a-kind collaboration between patient and doctor covering:

-Where we've been and where we are going
-Case studies
-Aspects of Healing

And much more! Find the knowledge tools support and hope you need in this new publication. Click here for more information about the book!

Watch Sharon's interview about Making a Pearl from the Grit of Life.

Making a Pearl from the Grit of Life is the first book by Sharon Rainey, Writer, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, and Lyme survivor. It allows us to follow Sharon Rainey on a very private path of early trauma. It leads us through depths of the human spirit – depths we come to recognize as very much like our own – and, through hard-won lessons, emerge onto a higher place of inner strength and happiness.

“If my life had been easy I would have been short-changed. Now I thank God for the challenges. They forced me leave the path I was on – one that led deeper into disappointment – and to find the path of spirit.

“My world is not perfect. I suspect the world is not meant to be perfect. But today my life is truly like a pearl, more beautiful than I could have imagined.”
–Sharon E. Rainey

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